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    Come on your own or with a group of up to 16.

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    You'll play the game with strangers (unless you scoop up all 16 tickets). By the end, after saving the world (or not), you'll be friends.


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    Tell us when you want to set a private game for 8 to 16 players. Great for birthdays, bachelor/bachelorettes, corporate team outings, celebrations, and more!


    The Last Defender is an escape room unlike any other, created by Chicago's most innovative designers. In this cooperative game, you, the players, must work together and communicate as a team to succeed. You do this by gathering and sharing information, solving puzzles, and working as a group to make increasingly difficult decisions. All to finally complete The Defenders' final mission and save the world.

  • The game

    You become the heroes of the story in The Defenders' underground headquarters. The United States and The Soviet Union are still mired in the Cold War. We've deployed artificial intelligence alongside 8-bit arcade-style computer technologies to control our nuclear weapons. Players navigate their own paranoia, as well as the stresses of Mutually Assured Destruction to do the job of The Defenders.


    Written and Directed by Nathan Allen

    Game Design by Sandor Weisz

    Production Design by Lee Keenan


  • “It’s by far the best escape game we’ve ever played.”

    - Max Temkin, Cards Against Humanity co-founder

  • FAQ

    It's nuclear war. We know you have questions.

    What ages can play?

    15 and up

    The Last Defender is designed for adults, and is recommended for ages 15 and up. The nature of the collaboration in the game and the problem-solving skills required to be a Defender mean that this one isn't for younger audience members.

    What is the dress code?

    It's Nuclear War. Wear sensible shoes.

    On arrival, each player will receive a standard-issue jumpsuit (or jumpsuit alternative) to be worn over their civilian clothes. We suggest dressing in comfortable clothing to more easily perform your duties as a Defender. Athletic sneakers and pants are preferred.


    All Defenders will fill out a Jumpsuit Specification form before their game day. You'll receive the link to your form after purchase.

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