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    The Last Defender ran for seven sold-out months in Chicago in 2016 . And another fifteen sold-out weeks in Denver in 2019.
    Here's what players had to say.

  • "Challenging and terrifically fun!"

    A.V. Club

    "I've done escape rooms before--they were fun, but never anything on this level. The story, the set, the puzzles, every little detail was engaging and immersive and just a complete blast. I couldn't possibly recommend this highly enough!"

    Brian F. on Yelp

    5 STARS

    "Perfect combinations of storytelling, stagecraft, and giddy theater-school camaraderie"

    Chicago Reader


    "This is unlike any interactive event I'd played before. The stakes are high, the puzzles intense, and the enjoyment is palpable. This has very high replay value without detracting from the challenge."

    Jonathan H. on Yelp

    5 STARS

    "The Last Defender is exciting new territory... Uniquely challenging and exhilarating!"

    Time Out Chicago


    "The most enjoyable show currently playing in Chicago not only encourages participation but requires it."

    NewCity Stage


    "An ingenious interactive theater piece now causing lots of amusement and nerves to fray in the bunker-like basement."

    Windy City Times


    "I've done several puzzle rooms in Chicago and this is BY FAR THE BEST ONE. I'm so happy I got to do it."

    V. B. on Yelp

    5 STARS

    "I flew out to Chicago with Last Defender as the main attraction, and I was not disappointed (sorry Art Institute) (and dumb bean thing). I've done numerous room escapes and have seen my fair share of theater, and this is a brilliant merging of the two. Highly recommended."

    Pat R. on Yelp

    5 STARS